Registration Sponsor: Clone-a-willy!

We are pleased to announce our registration party sponsor!

Clone-A-Willy  is a local Portland business and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with them for a unique experience. Look for the Clone-A-Willy representatives at our Registration Party at Local Lounge or during the bowling tournament! You may even find yourself taking home one of these unique experience kits!


Clone-A-Willy is the original penis casting and homemade dildo kit.  (They make Clone-A-Pussy, too!) Our system uses body safe materials to guarantee incredibly life-like detail. Our cock casting kits are available in an assortment of colors and every silicone willy even vibrates!

SHOP NOW to create your perfect, one of a kind sex toy.

Want to know how it works? Check out their great instructional video!

Empire Labs now calls Portland, Oregon home. The ubiquitous Clone-A-Willy Kit is sold all over the world and has been translated into multiple languages. It’s been reviewed and endorsed by countless sex toy columnists and sex toy connoisseurs, featured on multiple TV shows, and even made an appearance in a major motion picture.

Empire is committed to providing customers with only the highest quality American-made materials, surpassing all US and European strict safety standards. The company stands behind every product it sells, ensuring that anyone can create a perfect copy with one of their kits.  Empire products will continue to bring couples all over the world together to share in the experience of making an exact clone of their favorite body parts.  Truly the most personalized sex toys on the planet.

Our website is and our Instagram and Twitter are @cloneawilly