9-Pin No-Tap Results

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you to 44 people who attended our fundraiser event on May 22nd! We are deeply honored you chose to spend your Friday night with us. Well, we were a success!! With 44 bowlers, we were able to hand out 3 top score cash prizes of $25 each – although a person could only win once!

Many raffle prizes were won – everyone had a GREAT TIME – friends laughed all night long! The three scores to mention are: Braddley 256 in first game, Brian turn in 250 in the second game and Cole ALMOST rolled a 300 in the third game, but missed out in the 11 frame; his score was 287!

Unfortunately, we did not take any photos (what is up with that?) – so I am adding some old photos from years past bowling events for your enjoyment! We will make surVanc team 03-03e next 9-pin to have a camera AND use it!!! NOTE: this is Sue Muzik bowling in her own alley!!!! Sue alley bowl

Next 9-Pin No-Tap is June 26th at Kellogg – come play on wooden lanes – at 7PM and the cost is $15. The cost does included shoes if you need them! Thanks again to everyone who attended and we hope to see even more in June!