Tournament 2022

2022 marks our seventh annual Bridgetown Invitational Bowling Tournament!

On this page:
Registration and other tournament info
Optional events

Registration and other tournament info


We look forward to seeing you at SuperPlay Beaverton in October!

What is the total cost?

What is the breakdown of entry fees?
Lane Fees - $36.00
Prize Fund - $63.00
Expenses - $16.00

What is the schedule of events?
Check-in begins at 4:30 PM Friday, October 7, 2022.
To view our full schedule click here for Tournament Schedule

Location, Location, Location!
Where will bowling be held? SuperPlay Beaverton, OR!
Click here for bowling house location and information.
BIT will be a COVID-safe event. Read more.

The 2022 Tournament is USBC certified:
USBC Certification for Main Event (pdf)
USBC Certification for Scratch Masters (pdf)

How do I register?
Registration is full. 

However if you want to  be placed on a waitlist please click here to contact us.

Note: You add any optional events (listed below) & their additional costs when you register.

Can I mail in my registration?
No, you must process your registration online; however, you may pay using various methods provided online (PayPal, Venmo, CashApp).

What is the handicap?
100% of difference highest registered bowler. We have a team average cap this year of 820.

What are the tournament rules?
Click here to view our Tournament Rules

I won a free entry! What do I do?
Congratulations! Enter your Free Entry Coupon Code on your registration form and your entry fee will automatically be deducted from your total!

Do you have a host hotel?
No, we don't have a host hotel this year. But you can use our handy hotel search form to help you find lodging.

BIT 2022 Award
A beautiful, detailed, laser-cut model of Portland's Hawthorne Bridge, created by Portland-area Thomas Houha Designs.

Photo of the award "Hawthorn Bridge" model
Click image to enlarge.

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Optional Events

Note: Add any of these optional events & their additional costs when you register (above).

What are your Optional Events and Side-pots?
Brackets! (Scratch and Handicap) $5.00 per entry, paid on day of each event.

Optional Scratch Masters Event
The Scratch Masters event is its own separate tournament based on your scratch scores in the BIT Tournament, and paying the extra entry fee by division which are outlined below, and based on your entering BIT Tournament average:
Click here to view Scratch Masters Event Rules (PDF).

Optional All Events Handicap
$10.00 signup and pay during on-line registration or at registration table on Oct 7– A separate pot with 80% payout – Expected Cash Ratio (based on 20 entries) is 1:4 – All Scores, with Handicap, qualify to determine the all-events handicap winner!

Optional All Events Scratch
$10.00 signup and pay during on-line registration or at registration table on Oct 7– A separate pot with 80% payout – Expected Cash Ratio (based on 20 entries) is 1:4 – All Scratch Scores, without Handicap, qualify to determine the all-events scratch winner!

Hawthorne Bridge Mystery Doubles
Pair up with a mystery date! $5.00 per entry, signup and pay during on-line registration or at registration table on Oct 7 – A separate pot with 80% payout – Expected Cash Ratio (based on 20 entries) is 1:4 – All of your scores, with all of your mystery partner’s scores, with Handicap, combined to pay out!

Throughout the team, singles, doubles events, we’ll be running:

The Bridge is Still Standing
50/50 Skill Shot Pot – $1.00 per ticket sold during events. How does it work, you ask? If your ticket is drawn, you’ll draw a card between 3-8 — Your task, to win the pot, is to leave that number of pins STILL STANDING (because in a city of bridges, we’re hoping they never fall down!) If the person misses, the pot rolls over to the next event. (we draw one chance per event.) If it rolls over to the end of the last event, we’ll draw till someone wins!

Ball Raffle Tickets
10 tickets for $20, sold during on-line registration and at registration table on Friday.

Rainbow Pack Raffle Tickets
50 tickets for $30 if purchased during on-line registration, otherwise,
25 tickets for $20 at registration table on Friday, and during Friday or Saturday events.

Mega Raffle
$10 per ticket, $1,000 prize if 100 tickets sold. Buy during on-line registration, at registration table on Friday, or during Friday or Saturday events, until 100 tickets sold. Need not be present to win.

Have more questions?
Have you looked here for information?
Questions still not answered? Click here to contact us.

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We know that the world has changed and there is always going to be uncertainty around events in the age of a pandemic, so here is our approach to making this work:

  • The event will be fully COVID-safe and compliant above and beyond any basic government health requirements to do what we reasonably can to protect your health and safety and that of all attendees. That will include appropriate social distancing and other measures. We rely upon the state of Oregon and Washington County and will set parameters around masks, etc., based on their recommendations at the time of the event.

  • COVID cancellation: if the event is cancelled or must be rescheduled due to COVID issues, we will offer you a full refund.

  • It’s in everyone’s interest to ensure anyone who feels unwell stays away from events, so if you are showing any COVID-like symptoms, please let us know and we will find a substitute to bowl in your place.

Point your phone’s camera at this QR code. It is the URL of this page.

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